Information Session on 2015 Summer Research Internship 11/25/3014

On Nov. 25th, we will be hosting an information session for 2015 summer research internships in Department of Homeland Security (application due Dec.22nd), NIH NIBIB, NASA, DOE SULI (application due Jan.9th, 2015), and MIT lincoln Lab (on a rolling basis). We will also introduce NASA microgravity research in University of Alabama in Birmingham.

The following information session/workshop will be on December 9th. Please visit for updates.

For Goldman scholarship for freshman, please visit for the details. The application deadline is extended to Nov.30, 2014. Eligible students please contact us by email ASAP.

In addition, CCNY scholarship website is accepting applications for the scholarships to be awarded in Spring 2015. Here is the link:

Please visit this website for the available scholarships and follow the instruction to fill the online application form.

Interested students please join us.

Graduate Awareness Workshop 11/11/2014

This workshop was a collaboration between OSRS, LAESA-SHPE and ASEE CCNY Chapter. The purpose is to help Seniors and Juniors prepare for graduate admission applications. Students will be informed and made more aware of the opportunities for graduate study with fellowships or scholarships and the application process for students who are considering their career after four year college. The following will be discussed:

  • Who is applying for Graduate school? For what reason?
  • What is your motivation to pursue graduate study and
    what kind of degree suits you best?
  • What are your dream schools? Compatible schools?  What
    are the special requirement  and outcome of the degree
    programs you would like to apply?
  • What kind of financial support is offered for the
    degree programs of great interest to you?
  • What are the admission requirements of the graduate
    study program you select? How to write the personal
    statement or essay? How to ask for a recommendation
  • How to build your resume to be a strong candidate?

There will also be two guest speakers.

  1. Dr. Linyang Si, a PhD of Biomedical Engineering will give a talk on her experience for graduate study and also introduce the PhD programs in New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).
  2. Mr Rai Munoz (EE, Junior), the chair of the scholarships and internships committee in LAESA-SHPE, will present his discussion with NASA and several university graduate admission officers. See the attached file for the questions to be discussed.

This workshop is open for all students, but is particularly geared towards helping juniors and seniors to become highly competitive candidates for graduate school research fellowships or scholarships. All are welcomed.

NIH and NSF Summer Internship Programs

NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research (SIP), to apply, visit:

The deadline for receipt of completed applications is March 1, 2012 (11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time).


NSF (REU) program entitled Exploring Engineered Cells at University of Massachusetts Amherst Institute for Cellular Engineering (ICE)

Application Deadline: February 15, 2011