Information/Application Workshop on Scholarships and Research Fellowships 11/04/2014

On Tuesday, Nov. 4th. from 12:30pm to 1:45pm in ST-2M3, we will host a workshop with OSRS to discuss the following:

  1. GSOE Fall 2014 scholarships info and applications
  2. Graduate Research Fellowships in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Cornell University
  3. Summer 2015 research fellowships  IBM and DAAD International Research programs, and DOE-SULI, NASA, NIST-SURF

    All scholarships/research Internships require a minimum GPA 3.0, unless it is individually specified.

    All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the GSOE scholarship faculty committee for cross disciplinary scholarship, as well as individual department for the departmental scholarships.

    To apply: Please download the GSOE scholarship application form at

    Submit the filled form along with letters of recommendation (if it is required by the individual scholarship you apply) by email to before Nov.14, 2014.

  4. The President Gregory H. Williams / The Sidney & Betty Shames Scholarship, Inc. ($5,000,one)
  5. Norma Schlissel Scholarship for Women in Engineering ($2,000, one)
  6. Edith & Ernest Maclin Scholarship ($1,000, one)
  7. CBS/Sony Engineering Scholarship ($500, one)
  8. Joseph E. Robbins Loan Fund (up to $500, one)
  9. David B. Steinman Memorial Scholarship (up to $500, one)
  10. Stuyvesant Ralph Mednick scholarship ($2,000, two)
  11. Irving Goldman Scholarship $5,000 per year; may be renewed for up to three additional years. Eligibility: Incoming freshman, full time student majoring in Engineering

    Please come to the workshop for more information and application guidance on scholarships and research fellowships.

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