Final Information Session for Fall Semester 12/09/2014

We will be having our final information session of the semester on Tuesday, Dec. 9th from 12:30pm to 1:45pm in ST-2M3. This information session will be a continuation on 2015 summer research internships. The EE student Adviser, Dr. Edward Baurin will also be there to give a short presentation.

Please visit​ for recently updated information. All are listed under “External Research Opportunities”. Please pay attention to the newly posted programs in Cornell University,University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and university of Minnesota.

We will have put emphasis on how to make a strong application by going over the following representative programs:

  • The Amgen and Surf program at Caltech
  • The NIST SURF program
  • The Material research program in University of Minnesota.

We will also bring some scholarship information to your attention:

  1. The Goldman scholarship for freshman: please visit scholarship page for the details. Eligible students please contact us by email ASAP.
  2. The CCNY scholarship website is accepting applications for the scholarships to be awarded in Spring 2015. Here is the link: Please visit this website for the available scholarships and follow the instruction to fill the online application form.

Good luck on your finals and projects! Hope to see you there!

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