ASEE Co-hosting information sessions with the OSRS on 12/3/13 and 12/10/13

There will be an information session Tuesday (tomorrow) December 3rd, at 12:30 pm in Steinman room 2M3. This session will be jointly hosted by the OSRS and the ASEE CCNY chapter. The NIST-SURF, DOE-SULI, and the ORAU DOE Scholars program will be discussed.
There will also be another information session the following week on Tuesday December 10th, at 12:30 pm in Steinman room 2m3. This information session will focus on the IBM and Naval summer internships, as well as the REU programs.
Members are encouraged to attend to these meetings for scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities.
International students and graduate students are also eligible to apply to some of the scholarships and research fellowships.
Please also check out our Facebook page for announcements and event information.

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